Paul Karanick - Guest Speaking Request

Paul Karanick is an ordained Pastor and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biblical Studies from Indiana Wesleyan University. However, he will be the first to point out that he learned his greatest Biblical teachings from his mom and dad. He was born a preacher’s kid and learned through their faith, to have faith in Christ.

Remarkably, Paul did not want to preach. He remembers praying as a teenager, “God, I will do anything that you want me to do, but please don’t call me to preach.” Years later, not only was Paul called to preach, but he co-founded Xclaimed Ministries with his wife, Christina. Paul claims that in his later years he prayed, “God, I love this! Why didn’t you call me sooner?” As the evangelist for Xclaimed Ministries, Paul and the Xclaimed team (band members and many volunteers) reach out into the community providing for the needs of the people and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ through concerts in the park. An average of 350 people attends each event. Many people are led to the Lord through this ministry.

Paul’s gift of faith is extraordinary and he lives his life by the Scripture “Walk by faith; not by sight” (2 Corinthians 5:7). He enjoys teaching others to walk by faith as well revealing a closer walk with Christ. Through this same type of faith, Xclaimed Ministries has been able to outreach and provide for needs within the community in a very unique way.

BOOKING: (714) 226-9000

Top three requested messages:

1) David and Goliath (You've never heard or seen it like this before)

2) Noah's Ark (Very dramatic and a bit frightening - therefore, kids and teens love it!)

3) He Will Never Leave You nor Forsake You (An adventure to Hawaii)