Volunteer Schedule for July 26

The Xclaimed Ministries REVIVE event (Concert in the Park) is this coming weekend! We have hundreds of giveaways from Bed Bath & Beyond and The Home Depot that we need extra volunteers to help distribute.Children will all be receiving free toys as usual and ten bicycles will be given away as well.  This is a great opportunity to help people in need as well as share the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ!  Bring your friends, family and anyone else as well. For those interested in volunteering, we have provided the schedule below.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.Another great way to stay connected: Visit the APP store or Google Play and download the Xclaimed Ministries APP.

Volunteer Schedule

"Concert in the Park" this weekend 

Event begins at 3:00 on Saturday

Volunteer Schedule for Friday and Saturday


9:00 am – 4:00 Stage setup

(Be prepared for lots of lifting.  Bring work gloves and hard hat if you have one)

9:00 am – 4:00 Food preparation, toy sorting, organizing

Lots of chopping and sorting.  Lite lifting.


8:00am – 9:30 Sound equipment setup

(Be prepared for lots of lifting.  Bring work gloves if you have one)

9:00am – 10:00 Setup tables, booths, and food court

(Mixed amounts of lifting.)

1:30am Booth attendants, prayer teams, parking attendants, line controllers

5:00pm Sound equipment take down 

(Be prepared for lots of lifting.  Bring work gloves and hard hat if you have one)

For additional information reply to info@xclaimed.org:


10871 Western Ave

Stanton, CA 90680

About Xclaimed Ministries 
We are a Christian, non profit 501 C 3 corporation that provides basic living necessities and opportunities for families to gain sustainability and confidence in their lives. Our concern is to help people with items they need now. The mission goes beyond food and clothes; we provide bicycles, toys, entertainment, bedding and other daily essentials that bring gratification to the less fortunate that typically they couldn't afford. Our primary purpose is to be a reflection of Jesus Christ so that many lives will be changed.

We have reached over 24,600 people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provided amazing amounts of bicycles toys, food, clothing and necessities to people in need. If you have been looking to get involved with helping others and reaching the lost, take a look at this ministry and help us reach even more people sooner.

Become a monthly sponsor and help us strengthen families and change people's lives.